Baloch rebels capture Pakistan Lt Colonel, award him ‘death sentence’

at 7:36 pm
Baloch Liberation Army (representative pic)

Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a frontline outfit fighting for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan, has prepared for punishment a list of Pakistani military officers involved in Baloch genocide and begun action on it.

In tune with the strategy, the BLA has captured a Lt Colonel of the occupying Pakistan Army and said he has been “awarded death sentence” by ‘Baloch National Court’ for being directly involved in Baloch genocide and human rights violations.

Lt Colonel Laeeq Baig Mirza of 12 Azad Kashmir Regiment of Pakistani Army, currently heading the Military Intelligence, was “arrested” on July 12 by Baloch Liberation Army’s special force, Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS), the outfit said in a statement.

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The intelligence-based operation was carried out near Ziarat, after being tracked for days, it said.

He was a “primary target” and on July 12, his movements were followed throughout the day and he was finally arrested in an area where risk to members of public was at minimum, BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said.

“Colonel Laeeq was travelling with his family on the day but the family members were treated with utmost respect and they were not harmed in any way as they were not involved in any crimes,” the spokesman said.

Colonel Laeeq was “working in DHA Quetta as a cover for his secretive role”, Baloch said.

“Colonel Laeeq was arrested for being an officer of occupying forces, and his direct involvement in Baloch genocide and grave human rights violations, including enforced disappearances of women and children, and other crimes,” he said.

“He was given full opportunity to prove his innocence in a Baloch national court,” the spokesman said, adding that during the proceedings, “he confessed to all his crimes and was awarded death sentence.”

Baloch said his outfit has “compiled a list of all Pakistani military officers that are directly involved in Baloch genocide” and “strict action will be taken against all such officers and they will be brought to justice.”

He reiterated BLA’s warning that “occupying forces and their auxiliary units in Balochistan will be continuously targeted until they fully withdraw from Baloch motherland.”