Balochistan: BNA says it killed 3 Pakistani military men

at 12:08 am
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Quetta: Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) tonight said it killed 3 personnel of occupying Pakistani military in an attack in Hoshab in Balochistan.

The occupying forces were attacked when they were trying to enter the Thall mountain range, BNA spokesman Mureed Baloch said in a statement.

It was a patrol team of the occupying Pakistani forces trying to enter theĀ  mountain range, he said.

“Three Military personnel were killed in a long-running skirmish between the two sides, after which dozens of troops trying to reach the area were forced to retreat,” the spokesman said.

He asserted that the Baloch Nationalist Army “will continue this war till the last blow, the last bullet and complete independence of Balochistan.”