Balochistan facing devastating effects of Pakistan’s Nuclear Test of 1998

at 3:22 pm

The nuclear tests conducted by Pakistan on May 28, 1998, in Chagai mountains of Balochistan have resulted in devastating consequences for the region and its people, according to activists. The radiation emitted from the atomic explosions have caused serious health problems for the people, particularly the children. It has also seriously impacted the water bodies and flora of Balochistan. #nuclear #nucleartests #Chagai #balochistan #health #Pakistan #atomic What We Offer In-Depth Analysis and Exclusive Reports: Our team of experienced journalists and analysts delve deep into the complexities of regional and international issues, providing you with exclusive reports and thorough analysis. Whether it’s the intricate political dynamics of Balochistan, the ongoing developments in POK, or the security challenges in Kashmir, we bring you stories that matter. Timely and Accurate Updates: Stay informed with our timely updates on the latest events and trends. From breaking news to detailed feature stories, NVI ensures you are always ahead of the curve with accurate and reliable information.