Be a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant

at 2:32 pm

Dwijendra Kumar

Pic Courtesy: Preeti Upreti, Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance Singapore, 2017

To look fashionable and Stylish at a wedding function or a party, a select few have been soliciting advice of Stylists and Image Consultants for a long time.

But now, Celebrities in various fields, business tycoons and others are hiring Personal Stylists and Image Consultants to make their presence emphatic at all places including in print, digital and audio- visual world.

Using professional services offered by Personal Stylists and Image Consultants, they work on their looks and appearances.

No wonder then the trend of hiring Stylists and Image Consultants is gaining popularity and has created new avenues for those in the field of fashion and style.

As Personal Stylist, they guide celebrities and their clients as well as those who can afford their service on freelance basis, on what to wear.. from morning till evening.

Doubling up as Wardrobe Consultant, they get dresses of their clients designed as per individual needs and aspirations. They do help their clients not only in selecting perfect looks and designs but also in finalising fabrics and matching accessories.

The looks, designs, accessories, hairstyle, makeup etc may change as per the latest trends in vogue.

In media and publishing field, such professionals advise their clients on improving overall look of the publications as well as audio visual media materials that run on digital and online platforms.

Though a trained fashion designer may fit the requirements, it is better to do a course in the field offered by many private institutions in the field.

Once through the course, Stylists and Image Consultants may charter their career with leading Personal and Fashion Stylists, Fashion and Lifestyle Publications, Production Houses churning out Film, Television and Digital Programmes, reputed Fashion Designers and Commercially successful Fashion Brands dealing in a variety of lifestyle products, etc.

Personal Stylists and Image Consultants are further employed by leading Advertising Agenices, Modeling Agencies etc.