BLA says it killed 3 Pakistani soldiers, injured 4 in attack

at 1:02 am
Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) fighters at some undisclosed location. File Pic.

Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) tonight said it killed 3 personnel of occupying Pakistan Army and injured 4 in an attack in Dhuk area of Balochistan.

BLA fighters attacked a vehicle of the occupying Pakistani army in Dhuk on Monday night, killing three enemy soldiers and injuring four others, its spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.

BLA operatives ambushed a convoy of two vehicles of the occupying army in Zinda Pir area of ​​Dhuk with modern weapons, he said.

The freedom fighters surrounded and targeted the enemy vehicles with modern weapons and grenades for a long time, the spokesman said.

He identified 3 of the 4 injured personnel as Lance Naik Ismat, Lance Naik Malik Qayol and Sepoy Shahzad.

He said the occupying Pakistani army has established a death squad in the name of ‘Aman Lashkar’, consisting of local militias in the said area for looting Baloch resources.

“The Baloch Liberation Army issues a warning to these local militias, who have been bought by the enemy, that if they join forces with the enemy against Baloch leaders and Baloch national interests, they will be severely attacked.

“In the Baloch freedom movement, traitors will be treated with the same behavior as is being treated against the enemy army,” the spokesman declared.

“After this warning, if anyone was found active in these government forces, they were prepared for their fate,” he said.