Carried out 161 attacks to voice opposition to elections in Balochistan: BRAS

at 11:46 pm
Kashmir terror attack
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Quetta: To convey opposition of the Baloch nation to the “so-called” elections, freedom-seeking group Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS) carried out 161 attacks over last two weeks targeting occupying Pakistan army and poll-related people and machinery in Balochistan.

Giving this information tonight, a day after the elections were held, BRAS spokesman Baloch Khan said the purpose of these attacks was to make it clear to the occupying Pakistan army and the world that “the Baloch are not ready to accept slavery under any circumstances”.

He said his outfit will intensify attacks against national slavery.

“The Baloch nation expressed itself in favor of Baloch national independence by not participating in the so-called Pakistani elections,” the spokesman said in a statement.

“The occupying Pakistan army tried to show the success of the so-called election drama in front of the world by forcibly pulling out Baloch people from their homes through their agents in the form of Mirs, Mubadis, Sardars and others. But the Baloch people, rejecting the so-called elections, cast vote in favor of an independent Baloch homeland,” Khan said.

“Baloch would like to thank the nation for cooperating with ‘Sarmachars’ (militant freedom fighters),” he said.

Talking about the attacks, he said their intensity was deliberately kept low to avoid harm to general public.

Sharing details of attacks, Khan said yesterday afternoon, BRAS activists targeted a polling station by detonating an IED at Khanzai on Saryab Road in Quetta.

Another polling station in Quetta was targeted in Gharibabad area with an IED attack around 2 am, he said.

The Kali Khali polling station on the Western Bypass in Quetta was also hit with an IED when the counting of the so-called elections was underway today, he said.

BRAS fighters also targeted the car of Shehzad Gholmani, the right-hand man of Shafiq Mengal, the leader of the so-called death squad formed by the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies, in Khuzdar area with an IED attack.

Gholmani was injured in the attack while his car was severely damaged, Khan said.

Earlier, on February 6, BRAS fighters targeted a vehicle of the occupying Pakistani army in Mach by detonating an IED and then firing from automatic weapons, he said.

One officer was killed on the spot and at least 3 were injured in the attack, the spokesman said.

On the morning of February 8, BRAS fighters attacked the main camp of the Pakistani army in Balgutar Saki with automatic weapons.

In another attack, BRAS targeted a Pakistani army post in Balgutar Saki, killing an enemy officer and injuring another, he said.

In another attack the same morning, BRAS fighters targeted Pakistani soldiers on foot patrol in area between Pirandar Kuch and Dhal Bedi in the Awaran.

BRAS also targeted a polling station in Girish Goni area of ​​Khuzdar at 9 o’clock in the night of February 8, when the occupying army personnel were present there, he said.

In another attack, BRAS targeted a polling station in Khuzdar’s Nal Girishg Javarji area with hand grenades and automatic weapons.


On February 8, BRAS attacked the polling station of Jhao Ali Muhammad Goth at around 8 pm.

At around 6 pm the same day, the BRAS fighters attacked a Pakistan Army post in Tajaban Miran Zain Kaur area of ​​Kech.

Another Pakistani army post was attacked in Gorkop with automatic weapons on the same evening, killing one officer and injuring another, he said.

A polling station was attacked in Tampalabad with a timer bomb on the morning of February 8, he said. The polling station was severely damaged in the explosion.

On the evening of February 7, the fighters of BRAS spoke to the residents of the area in Kulahu Bazar regarding their rejection of the elections by not voting, while the polling station was attacked at night, he said.

On February 8, BRAS cadres attacked a polling station in Hotabad and set fire to the ballot papers and ballot boxes, he said.

The fighters also fired at election vehicles and motorcycles and destroyed their tyres, he said.

BRAS operatives attacked the Nasirabad polling station with hand grenades on February 8, he said.

On February 8, BRAS attacked the so-called election polling station in Hyrabad and fired at the police and agents and chased them away while setting fire to voting slips and papers, the spokesman said.

The BRAS fighters also stopped polling by attacking a polling station established in Balochabad Girls School in Mand area and driving away the Levies officials and polling agents, Khan said.

On February 8 at 10:00 am, the fighters of BRAS targeted the Pakistan forces’ checkpoint and polling station in Mishke Bandki with automatic and heavy weapons.

In another attack, the fighters of BRAS targeted the Pakistani forces’ post and polling station in Mishke Tank at 3 pm on February 8 with automatic and heavy weapons.

“BRAS accepts responsibility for these attacks,” the spokesman said, adding “The people involved in this election drama on the parole of the occupying Pakistani army and secret agencies in the so-called elections will be our target.”