Cries for ‘Independence’ rage in Pakistan-occupied J&K

at 8:52 pm
Protest in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Muzaffarabad: The use of brutal force by the Pakistani military on peaceful demonstrators of occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) has fuelled further anger and outrage among Kashmiris who have now openly started demanding Independence.

Demands have also started pouring in for urgent intervention by the United Nations, especially the UN Observers’ Group based in PoJK.

According to various reports from the ground, several people have been killed and injured in firing by the personnel of Pakistani paramilitary force Rangers over the last two days.

Although the Pakistani regime, adhering to its practice of suppressing facts, has not given any casualty figure, various reports say that at least 10 civilians have been killed and dozens injured.

These killings and injuries took place as the Rangers shockingly resorted to direct firing on the demonstrators who descended, in lakhs, on Muzaffarabad, the capital of POJK, from all parts of the occupied territory in support of their legitimate rights.

The demonstrators are primarily demanding wheat flour at subsidized rates and tax-free electricity produced from projects in PoJK.

However, as the Pakistani regime responded to their demand for legitimate rights with brutal force, Kashmiris are bursting with anger and have openly started demanding Independence from Pakistan.

It may be recalled that POJK, which is part of undivided Jammu and Kashmir, was occupied forcibly and militarily by Pakistan after launching invasion in October 1947 when it was a Princely State.

At a number of protests and demonstrations, thousands of people chanted slogans like “Hum Kya Chahte? Azaadi (What do we want? Azadi)”, “Le ke rahenga, azadi (We will extract independence)” and “Chheen ke lenge, azadi (We will snatch independence).”

The angry Kashmiris are also threatening revenge against the Pakistani State for its brutality.

A leader of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front or JKLF said the Pakistan State will have to pay for the bloodshed it caused among Kashmiris.

“The killings it carried out in Muzaffarabad…. 5 killings… There are reports of more killings…. They (Pakistani regime) will have to pay for it,” said JKLF leader Shoaib Khan.

To highlight the atrocities to the international audience, Kashmiris also held a demonstration in Britain, just outside the Pakistan High Commission.

It seems the Kashmiris, who have been nursing the desire for Independence from Pakistan, are getting ready for a long haul against the occupying regime.