Pak-Afghan border issue: TTP asks protestors to launch ‘revolutionary movement’

at 8:16 pm
A scene at Chaman border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. (File Pic)

Peshawar: As protests continue at the Chaman border in Balochistan after Pakistan blocked free movement to and fro Afghanistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has asked the people of the region to launch a “revolutionary” movement, saying those sitting in Islamabad “do not understand the language of love”.

Thousands of Pashtun people, mostly traders, have been undertaking a protest for last several months at the border since the Pakistan government ordered that only people with valid passports and visas can cross it.

Till now, Pakistanis and Afghans were allowed to cross the border on the basis of their respective identity cards.

The situation escalated recently when the protestors were fired at and a video emerged, showing a Pakistani soldier firing directly at the protestors.

“For the past few months, the zealous and oppressed Pakhtun people have been protesting for their legitimate rights,” TTP noted in a statement.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind the Pashtun nation that the Pashtun nation has shown a lot of patience and courage and the (Pakistan) government has continuously shown stubbornness towards it and made false promises,” it said.

“On this occasion, we want to make it clear to our proud people that those occupying the country do not understand the language of love and affection,” the TTP said, apparently referring to the Pakistan government and the all-powerful military.

“Like Kashmiris, you too should start a revolutionary movement for your resources and your rights and freedom and do not fall for the false promises and deception of the government,” it said, mentioning about the ongoing mass movement in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The statement said TTP “stands side by side with all oppressed” colleagues and “is ready to fully cooperate with you according to its ability.”

Cajoling the Pakhtun people to rise against the Pakistan government, TTP said, “Stand up for your freedom and independence. These rulers will prove to be a wall of sand in front of you.”