Eiffel Tower in Paris evacuated over bomb threat

New Delhi (NV): France’s iconic Eiffel Tower was evacuated today after the police in Paris received a phone call suggesting there was a bomb at the monument.

A spokeswoman for the company that runs the Eiffel Tower said that the evacuation was a precautionary measure after the police received the anonymous call, according to media reports.

Paris police have cordoned off a large area around the landmark in the French capital and urged people to stay away while officers inspect the area to find out if the threat is legitimate.

(Image source: Twitter)

Reports said that a call made to police claimed that there was a bomb placed near the famous tourist place in France. The police swiftly swung into action and cordoned off the area asking visitors to vacate immediately.

The Eiffel Tower, an icon of the French capital, is visited by millions every year. It was forced to close for months at the start of the coronavirus pandemic but gradually reopened over the summer.