Empowering Youth is Empowering India’s Future: PM

at 5:14 pm

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a webinar on positive impact of Union Budget 2022 on the education and skill sectors.

Concerned Union Ministers, key stakeholders from education, skill development, science, technology and research were present on the occasion.

The webinar was part of the new practice of discussion and dialogue with the stakeholders before and after the budget.

Prime Minister started by emphasizing the importance of the young generation in the process of nation building. He said “Empowering our youth who are future nation builder, is empowering India’s future”.

Prime Minister elaborated on five aspects that were highlighted in the Budget 2022. Firstly, Key decisions have been taken for universalization of quality education i.e expansion of education with improved quality along with enhanced capabilities of the education sector.

Secondly, attention has been given to skill development. Focus is on creating a digital skill ecosystem, skill development as per industry demand and better industry linkages.

Thirdly, inclusion of India’s ancient experience and knowledge of urban planning and designing into education is important, official press release said.

Fourthly, Internationalization has been emphasized. This involves arrival of world class foreign universities and encouragement of institutions of GIFT City getting Fintech related institutes.

Fifth,  focus on Animation Visual Effects Gaming Comic (AVGV) where there is huge potential of employment and there is a big global market.

“This budget will help a great deal in realizing the National Education Policy”, he said.