Germany commits 460 mn Euros for India’s Covid response

New Delhi (NVI): Under the Indo-German development cooperation, Germany has committed 460 million Euros (3,893 crore) help to India as an emergency support measure in the country’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an official statement, the German Embassy confirmed the financial support today, which will focus on providing for social protection system catering to the needs of especially urban poor and vulnerable groups such as migrant workers in the wake of COVID 19 pandemic.

Germany has joined hands with the Government of India along with the World Bank to address the urgent situation that calls for huge socio-economic security for the most vulnarable in the country amid the pandemic.

“As an emergency support measure, a fast disbursing loan in the volume of EUR 460 Million (Rs 3893 Crores) has been committed to support India’s move towards a systematic social protection scheme,” the Embassy said.

The salient features of the intended system based social protection are:

* Develop systems and processes which will allow coordinated action across ministries and states

* Achieve a good balance between social assistance and social insurance programmes

* Allow for portability of ‘in kind benefits’ which could improve outreach to vulnerable groups e.g. migrant workers

* Through digitalisation, capacity building at state levels and streamlining of efforts and existing central, state and local government programmes achieve targeted delivery, need based flexibility and rapid response

The Embassy further said that Germany’s support towards strengthening the social protection system in India is a stepping stone to reach and raise the quality of life and livelihoods of millions in India.