Hardeep Singh’s unique tryst of ‘Gurmukhi’ with calligraphy

at 1:59 pm
Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh while rewriting 'Gurbani' in art form of calligraphy

New Delhi: An academician by profession, Hardeep Singh has taken up the art of calligraphy for rewriting ‘Gurbani’, the Sikh scriptures in this beautiful art form which is originally used to write Persian or Arabic script. 

Hardeep Singh, who hails from Amritsar, Punjab said, “I am a teacher by profession but an artist by heart”.

Singh said, “I got this talent of calligraphy from my family. My ancestors have been associated with this art work.”

“My work is based on Gurmukhi calligraphy. I use traditional bamboo pens. It has been my endeavour to use traditional pens and red or black ink made by age old process,” said the great grand son of Bhai Gian Singh Naqqash.

Bhai Gian Singh Naqqash worked on a portion of the sanctum sanctorum of the Golden Temple.

Stating that art is in his blood, Hardeep Singh said, “Earlier, I used to paint, but later, I developed an interest in calligraphy”.

Hardeep Singh with his creative art also brought out a beautiful pictorial book. He has made several religious paintings besides straight life paintings also.



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