India pulls out its personnel from Kandahar Consulate

at 12:03 pm

New Delhi: India-based personnel have been brought back from Kandahar for the time being in view of intense fighting near the city, the Ministry of External Affairs said today.

“But the Consulate in Kandahar has not been closed,” it said.

Fighting has increased immensely in Afghanistan due to surge by Taliban as the US forces are on their way out.

Taliban has been inimical towards India and as it captures more and more areas, there are growing worries regarding the fate of Indian personnel and assets.

“India is closely monitoring the evolving security situation in Afghanistan. The safety and security of our personnel is paramount. The Consulate General of India in Kandahar has not been closed,” the Official Spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi said.

However, due to the intense fighting near Kandahar city, India based personnel have been brought back for the time being, he said.

“I want to emphasize that this is a purely temporary measure until the situation stabilizes. The Consulate continues to operate through our local staff members,” he said.

Arrangements are being made to ensure continued delivery of visa and consular services through our Embassy in Kabul.

“As an important partner of Afghanistan’s, India remains committed to a peaceful, sovereign and democratic Afghanistan,” he added.