India records highest single-day Covid recoveries at 87,472

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New Delhi (NVI): India has reached a record high in the number of patients who have recovered from coronavirus, achieving a peak of 87,472 COVID-19 recoveries in the last 24 hours.

In a offical statement, the Ministry of Health said, 87,472 and been discharged in the past 24 hours from home or facility supervised care and hospitals.

“India has been consistently reporting a very high level of daily recoveries of more than 70,000 since the past 11 days,” it added.

The total recovered cases thus stands at 41,12,551. With this, the recovery rate has further escalated to 78.86 per cent.

However, recovered cases are 4.04 times higher the number of active cases as recoveries outnumber the latter by 30,94,797, the ministry said.

The ministry noted that the top five states with high active caseload are also the ones which are presently reporting a high level of recoveries.

“Nearly 59.8 per cent of the active cases are being reported from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. These states are also contributing to 59.3 per cent of the total recoveries,” it added.

There are 16 states and Union Territories which reported 90 per cent of new recoveries.

“Maharashtra contributed 22.31 per cent of the new recoveries while the states of Andhra Pradesh (12.24 per cent), Karnataka (8.3 per ), Tamil Nadu (6.31 per ) and Chhattisgarh (6.0 per cent) followed with 32.8 per cent of the recoveries,” the ministry said, adding that, these states together contribute 55.1 per cent of total new recoveries.

The ministry further said that, the continuous streak of very high level of recoveries is a testimony of the effective clinical management and treatment protocols issued by the government which have been updated from time to time with the emergence of new evidence.

“In order to support and assist efforts of State and UT governments, the Centre has deputed central multi-specialist teams. Regular review has ensured adequate availability of medical oxygen in the health facilities,” it said.

These efforts have together have played a critical intervention role in India’s high recoveries and maintained low case fatality rate (CFR), which currently stands at 1.62 per cent across the country, the ministry added.