India to move from data-rich to a data-intelligent country: NITI Aayog

at 10:15 pm
Artificial Intelligence
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New Delhi (NVI):  NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant today said that India has to move from data-rich to a data-intelligent country and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will prove to be crucial technology for air warriors.

Addressing the valedictory virtual session ‘FICCI E-Symposium on AI for Air Warriors’, organized by FICCI, Kant said, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a very critical impact on defence sector and will prove to be crucial technology for air warriors. India today is in a position to be a global leader in AI. Several factors contributing to this include availability of data which is central to the development of AI.”

He said that India is a data rich country and we now have to move from data rich to a data intelligent country.

“We are a data rich country; we have the talent and we just need to become more and more data intelligent by using AI solutions for all our challenges. India’s public digital infrastructure has created an opportunity for AI to be leveraged to increase transparency in government outcomes while ensuring that personal data and privacy are safeguarded,” he added.

He noted that India’s large geographical diversity present unique developmental challenges in areas like education, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and transportation.

“India has large young talent pool and has world’s third largest Start-up ecosystem.  It has a significant stake in on-going AI revolution and the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence highlights interventions that will enable us to become a global leader,” he said.

Kant said that to maximise the effective leveraging of AI tools, we need to cultivate and harness our biggest asset which is the human capital.

“The New Education Policy is a great enabler with special emphasis on skills,” said Kant.

“The government will play the role of catalyst in bringing together the synergies of the private sector for innovations. For the use of AI in the defence sector, there needs to be more collaboration between the private sector, government and academic institutions,” he added.

Meanwhile, Air Marshal Sandeep Singh, Deputy Chief of Air Staff, Indian Air Force said that AI has enormous potential for air warriors and the forces have involved government organizations, DRDO, academia, DPSUs and several private companies including Start-ups for the AI-related projects.

“We are standing at the cusp of next level of revolution in military operations. In the coming years we will witness AI tools augmenting the human ability in planning and fighting air battles,” he added.