Indian Army’s cleanliness drive at highest battlefield wins PM praise

at 9:48 am
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New Delhi (NVI): Indian Army is not only braving extreme weather conditions in the world’s highest battlefield of Siachen in line of national duty but are also keeping it clean as part of their green duty, having removed more than 130 tons of garbage from the glacier and surrounding areas. 

This feat of Indian Army won appreciation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest ‘Mann ki Baat’ broadcast on October 27, who described it as a “great service”

“Just imagine the highest battlefield in the world, where the temperature drops from zero to 50-60 degrees minus. Oxygen in the air is also at a miniscule level. Living in the midst of such adverse conditions and challenges is not less than any display of valour. In such a difficult situation, our braveheart soldiers are not only protecting the borders of the country, but are also running a ‘Swacch Siachen’ campaign in that arena,” the PM said.

“On behalf of our countrymen, I commend the Indian Army for this amazing commitment. I also express my gratitude. It is so cold there that its near impossible for anything to decompose…and in such a situation, the segregation and management of garbage is a very important task in itself. In this scenario, to remove 130 tons and more of garbage from the glacier and its surrounding area’s fragile eco-system is a great service,” Modi said.

“It is an eco-system which is home to rare species like the snow leopard and rare animals like ibex and brown bears. We all know that Siachen as a glacier is a source of rivers and clean water. Therefore, running a cleanliness campaign here means ensuring clean water for those who live in low-lying areas and also use the water of rivers like Nubra and Shyok,” Modi said while lauding the Indian Army.