Jal Jeevan Mission: Haryana launches mobile water testing laboratory van

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New Delhi (NVI): The government of Haryana has launched a state-of-the-art Mobile Water Testing Laboratory Van under Jal Jeevan Mission, with multi-parameter system containing analyzers, sensor, probes, instruments meant for water testing.

This mobile water testing laboratory will be an effective mode of surveillance of drinking water quality in rural areas of the state.

“The water quality in state of Haryana is mainly affected by constituents like total dissolved solids (TDS), Fluoride, nitrate, iron and alkalinity,” the Ministry of Jal Shakti said in a statement.

The lab is capable of measuring different water quality parameters like pH, alkalinity, TDS, hardness, residual chlorine, zinc, nitrite, Fluoride, turbidity and micro-biological test of water samples, it added. Besides, mobile lab will help in quickly identifying the water quality problem on the spot.

Mobile Water Testing Laboratory Van

Moreover, it is said to have been uniquely designed and fully loaded with the latest technologies and is equipped with features like GPS for location tracking and the analyzed sample data can be transmitted to a centralized PHED server via GPRS/ 3G connectivity with power backup, on-site recording and reporting of results through a smart phone or similar device with the ability to send results direct to a web based secure central server, the statement said.

This mobile van also has a fully automated sensor-based analysis controlled by centrally commanded software. The LED display unit in the mobile lab gives an instant display of the results immediately after analysis.

The mobile testing van will be stationed at State Water Testing Laboratory, Karnal and its area of operation will be throughout the state, will provide access to water-testing facility even at the remotest corner of the state.

Furthermore, in the event of outbreak of water-borne disease, these vans can be deployed onsite for effective management and quick access to water test reports. Besides, they can also be used for counter checking of quality of testing from all laboratories.

The ministry further said the supply of clean and safe water is essential for public health therefore, ensuring supply of water along with regular testing is imperative.

“Jal Jeevan Mission is a flagship programme launched by the Union Government and under this programme, the Haryana government is fully committed to provide tap water connection having sustainable supply of potable water to every rural household,” it added.

However, the mission gives a lot of emphasis on water quality surveillance, monitoring and also mandates that in every village five persons especially women to be trained for use of Field Test Kits, so that water can be tested in villages.

The Public Health Engineering Department is also ensuring supply of safe drinking water to rural homes and monitoring water quality on regular basis by testing in the laboratories, the statement read.