JSFM top leader requests US intervention in Sindh on Pak’s human rights abuses

at 12:53 pm

Washington (NVI): A top leader of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) has requested for the United States intervention in shining a light on Pakistan’s human rights abuses in Sindh, in an open letter to the US President Joe Biden.

JSFM Chief Organizer Zafar Sahito send the open letter after freedom march for Sindhudesh organized in Karachi and Hyderabad Sindh on March 23.

He highlighted human rights issues in particular the cases of enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, forced conversions, has also sought US and other civilized countries heads intervention to press Pakistan to refrain from violating the human rights of secular Sindhi nation.

“I am writing to you to seek US help in shining a light on Pakistan’s human rights abuses in Sindh, particularly enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, political suppression of 70 million Sindhi people, persecution of minorities and denial of right of self determination by Pakistan Since 73 years,” he said in a letter.

“Pakistan is destroying our historical secular identity and our culture. Sindh is the land of peace and love Since thousands years,” Sahito said.

Referring to the history, Sahito said, “In 1947 after creation of Pakistan, Sindh is treated as colony of Pakistan, our national resources are continuously looted by Pakistan, Sindh is generating 65 per cent revenue for Pakistan but people of Sindh are living below poverty line.”

“Since Pakistan’s creation, we have received hundreds of dead bodies from different walks of lives like political activists, students, doctors, lawyers, singers, poets, artistes, sportsmen and thousands common working folks have gone missing just for protesting Islamabad’s unjust treatment and demanding basic human rights and right to self determination,” the letter read.

Over the years, mutilated bodies of scores of the victims were dumped on the way side and desolate places by the state security services in Sindh , fate of thousands remain unknown to this day, Sahito said, adding that “Original owners of Sindh land are Hindus but due to enmity with India Hindus are killed or forced to migrate to other countries, the population of Hindus in Pakistan was 23 per cent in 1947 now it is only 3 per cent. ”

He added that, “Our girls are forced to convert to Islam because Pakistani constitution supports and protect these radical Islamist elements working under Pakistani intelligence agencies.”

“Families of missing persons have been protesting for years in front of the press clubs in Karachi , Hyderabad, Larkana and Islamabad. These families have staged perhaps the world’s 3rd longest freedom march from Karachi to Rawalpindi some 900 miles, but to no avail,” he said.

Meanwhile, new cases are being reported even today. Sahito also said with full support of China, the state actors involved in carrying out enforced disappearances in Sindh with impunity are the Southern Command of Pakistan army, Inter-Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence and the paramilitary Frontier Corps.

“Projects of CCP like OBOR and CPEC clearly indicates China expansion in our region, China is purchasing our land , islands and taking over the ports and industries of Sindh to control the gateway of South Asia with support of Punjab and central government of Pakistan,” the letter added.

He further said that, “In few years Sindh will become a permanent colony of communist party of China. So it is moral duty of civilized nations to save historical Sindhi nation of Indus Valley civilization.”

Sahito said that the Leahy Law prohibits the US from dealing with such aforementioned state entities. The US has an abiding commitment to defend human rights and uphold the rule of law world over.

“As such, I will appreciate your instructions to the Department of State and the Department of Defense to enforce the Leahy Law in respect to Sindh with immediate effect,” he concluded.

The same letters were also sent to other democratic countries like India, Israel, UK, Japan, Australia and European Union heads too.