Kashmir witnessed massive change from boycott politics to massive poll participation : Tarun Chugh
Efforts and vision of Prime Minister, attributes this transformation

at 3:34 pm

NVI Correspondent

Srinagar, July 11 (NVI):- Tarun Chugh, the National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and in-charge for Jammu and Kashmir, highlighted a significant shift in the political landscape of Kashmir.

As per News Vibes of India—(NVI) Chugh said that there has been a remarkable transition from a history of electoral boycotts to substantial voter participation. This change is seen as a testament to the democratic engagement of the people in the region

Chugh attributes this transformation to the efforts and vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, noting that the region has experienced new levels of development and governance.

He emphasized that the traditional politics of the Mufti’s and Abdullah’s is being rejected, with people now embracing the opportunities provided by a more stable and development focused environment.

This includes improvements in infrastructure, operational schools, and uninterrupted internet services.

Additionally, the recent general elections saw the highest voter turnout in 35 years, which Chugh views as a positive indicator for the upcoming assembly elections.

The Election Commission of India reported a voter turnout of 58.46% in the Union Territory, a significant increase from previous years, reflecting the renewed faith in the democratic process among the people of Jammu and Kashmir.  (News Vibes of India)