Kerala lit fest, the 2nd largest cultural gathering, to begin from Jan 6

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Kerala Lit Fest
Kerala Literature Festival

New Delhi (NVI): The fifth edition of the second-largest cultural gathering and the fastest-growing literature festival on the continent, Kerala Literature Festival (KLF 2020) is set to unfold from 16-19 January 2020 at Calicut.

Besides, literature being the primary cynosure, the focus theme of KLF 2020 will be environment and climate change. It will see the country of Spain as the guest nation and the literature in focus will be Tamil.

Prolific writers, experts, and performers from over 12 nations will be a part of this festival. With the goal of reaching as broad an audience as possible and including them in the festival in many ways, KLF remains open to the public, non-exclusive and open platform for discussions and idea exchanges.

Entry for KLF 2020 is free to the public and all the programs are designed to attract wide audiences of every demographic.

Kerala Lit Fest 6

Set along the shores of the Arabian Sea by the beaches of Calicut, the festival will bring together readers and writers for inspiration, entertainment, and discussion. The eminent speakers include literary luminaries, Booker prize Winners, Oscar winners, Jnanpith laureates, astronauts, environmentalists, head of states, film & theatre personalities, performers and artists, designers, media personalities, sports icons, diplomats and celebrities from diverse professional backgrounds.

The festival presents an array of the best artists, actors, celebrities, writers, thinkers, and activists closer to people by engaging in meaningful discussions on literature, art, cinema, culture, dance, music, environment, science, and technology.

Kerala Lit Fest 4

Fireside chats at nights with a plethora of the biggest acts and performing artists from around the world will make up the cultural nights at the festival. From Carnatic concerts to Progressive Rock bands, from Kijote Kathakali to Larissa, Classical, and Flamenco dance, to Puppet shows and theatre, the entertainment quotient always reaches unprecedented levels at KLF.

Over the Years, KLF has seen unparalleled growth amongst literature festivals in the continent. The fifth edition promises to be the grandest affair of all with the likes of His Holiness Dalai Lama, Emissary of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Jeffrey Archer, Taslima Nasreen, Hasan Minhaj, etc being approached as potential speakers of KLF.