Making a Career as Fashion Director

at 12:21 pm

Dwijendra Kumar

Pic Courtesy: Preeti Upreti, Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance, 2017, Singapore

In general  parlance, Fashion Designers are supposed to be occupying the highest position in a Fashion Garment House. This is not correct. Fashion Directors who may not necessarily be fashion designers call the shots.

S/he as Fashion Director  guides team of fashion designers on the designs to work on and fabrics and styles to use to reach out to the distributors, retailers at the very start of each fashion season.

They are further responsible for arranging fashion shoots and promotion of the garment collections and the brand through fashion magazines, blogs, websites etc.

In the ever changing world of fashion-trends, it is very difficult to hold consumer’s attention unless the brand has unique identity and the garment collections carry individuality matching people’s needs and desires.

Using imagination, creativity and knowledge of fashion trends,  Fashion Directors ensure that customers have a range of exciting options to choose from.

Giving due publicity to each collection is the other responsibility that creative designers handle. They need to design concept for fashion shoots and complete the work within the time frame strictly adhering to the budget earmarked for the same.

Sometimes, they plan such shoots in consultation with fashion editors as they want to promote their products through fashion magazines or fashion websites.

Those coming from Fashion, Graphic Design, Visual Communication or Media  background fit the bill.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. They need to keep a tap on fashion trends worldwide and its implications on the target market.

2. Holding consultations with fashion designers to develop such design ideas and concepts which may find immediate response in the market.

3. Arranging fashion shoots, developing concepts for the same, selecting models, locations and further promotion of the same through fashion magazines, websites etc.

4. Planning and developing effective fashion marketing strategies in consultations with experts in the field.

5. Holding meetings with fashion editors and experts in the field so as have a finger on the pulse of the customers .

6. Ensuring range of options to the customers to choose from.

7. Carry out research on consumer’s preferences, industry requirements and availability of needed fabrics and accessories.

Skills required

1. They should be highly creative so as to produce unique design ideas and concept for garment collections as well as fashion shoots.

2. As they need to explain their design ideas and concept to the team of designers and others clearly and emphatically, they need to have good communication skills.

3. Being good at sketching/ illustrating/ graphic design/ photography etc definitely help as these help to explain the creative ideas/concepts.

4. Familiarity with fashion trends.

5. Ability to handle stressful situation.

6. Time management so as to strictly follow the deadlines.

7. Good Public Relations skills.

8. Passion for Fashion.