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Not just Looks , Overall Personality would matter if one aspires to be a Model: Aarav Ahuja

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One of the leading models, Aarav Ahuja has walked all the major fashion weeks in India such as India couture week , Lakme fashion week , Amazon India fashion week besides walking for all the major Designers in India including big names as Shantanu & Nikhil , Varun Bahl , Anita Dongre , Anju Modi , Rajesh Pratap , Sabyasachi etc. He has also done campaigns for Shantanu & Nikhil , Raymond’s , Sabyasachi and shot for magazines like GQ, Vogue , CondeNast etc.Yet grounded to earth, Aarav calls himself a guy next door highly driven by passion. Born & raised in Delhi.

Aarav Ahuja , model

Aarav talks to Dwijendra Kumar on various facets of Modelling as a Career. Excerpts:

Q1- Is modelling a full time career?
Ans – I believe modelling is a career which can evolve you and grow your personality for a life time. It might not be working for guys after a certain age unless they move themselves into acting within Right time. But I strongly believe it gives one immense confidence & grows her/his personality in such a way that she/he can move forward into doing something related to fashion or may start some other businesses in the vast field of fashion and Lifestyle.

Q2. What are your upcoming projects?
Ans: I am glad to be associated with good brands. The excitement towards fashion is long lasting & a lot new to explore. Rest, let’s keep the buzz alive!

Q3. What are the attributes required to be successful as a model?
Ans: Though Modeling appears to be very alluring from outside, here in overall personality matters. Just body , just face, just being tall won’t take one anywhere. One has to be aware of oneself & learn to carry graciously. Know how can you conduct yourself in front of the agencies, clients etc. One doesn’t have to be perfect. S/he has to be unique & stand out.
Basically there are a number of great bodies , faces in the market. What uniqueness you possess to offer to the camera is the deal breaker. Most importantly, patience is the key. Initially one might get rejected 20 times. But you still have to be consistent.

(Dwijendra Kumar is writing on fashion for over 2 decades. For more information on careers in fashion, he can be reached on blog )