Op Bolan was to highlight need for military force to liberate Balochistan: BLA
BLA invites support from nations having problems with 'common enemy' Pakistan

at 8:21 pm

Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has said its unprecedented operation, during which it seized control of Mach city of Balochistan for 2 days, was intended to highlight the importance of military power to end Pakistani occupation and invite support from  “institutions and nations that have mutual interests” against the common enemy.

The outfit, which is fighting for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan, carried out a massive 2-day military operation ‘Darra-e-Bolan’ targeting Mach city and its adjoining areas of Bolan district from January 29 to 31.

According to the BLA, 385 of its fighters were involved in the operation and at least 78 Pakistani soldiers were killed in it while the outfit lost 13 men.

Underlining that “the path to get rid of occupiers is not through appeals, protests and human rights pleas”, the BLA said that through the ‘Operation Darra-e-Bolan’, it demonstrated its capability to fully liberate Balochistan from Pakistani occupation.

“Operation Darra-e-Bolan had two primary objectives. The first objective was to show to the Baloch nation that BLA is fully capable to liberate a city of Baloch from Pakistani occupying forces and keep it in its control for two days,” it said in a statement.

The second objective was “to relay our message to the nations of the world” that “if BLA can execute an operation of this scale with its own resources, then it can easily crush the occupying forces and force them to withdraw from Baloch motherland with support and help from other nations,” the outfit said.

“Through this operation, we wanted to inform the institutions and nations that have mutual interests with Baloch nation that we are ready to work together against the common enemy,” said the statement quoting its spokesman Jeeyand Baloch.

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He said the occupying Pakistani forces are committing atrocities in Balochistan and killing Baloch people indiscriminately.

“The only medium for Baloch emancipation is its own Army, which can defend them against foreign invaders,” the spokesman said.

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Addressing his Baloch compatriots, the BLA spokesman said, “Only your own military can get rid of enemy’s brutalities and guarantee your protection and liberty.”

He emphasised that Baloch Liberation Army is the legitimate army of Baloch nation, which has full rights and authority to fight Baloch nation’s war of independence and defend them against foreign invaders.

“BLA’s message to Baloch nation is that they should further strengthen Baloch Liberation Army by becoming part of it. The Baloch nation should practically become part of BLA to force the enemy to withdraw from our motherland,” Jeeyand Baloch said.

Insisting that every Baloch now needs to contribute as per his/her capabilities “as this is not the time to remain indifferent”, he said, “If you cannot practically take part in this war of liberation, then you should support your national army politically, financially and diplomatically.”

He added, “At the least, you can become our voice and take our message to each household.”

The BLA spokesman also sent out a message to “the uncivilised enemy”, saying, “Your treatment of our Baloch mothers and sisters on the streets of Islamabad has not gone unnoticed. It would be your biggest mistake if you ever thought you can treat Baloch women the way you dishonoured the Bengali women.”

He declared that BLA and the whole Baloch nation are the protectors of Baloch women, and BLA will go to any extent to defend Baloch nation’s honour.