Panic at Srinagar airport as engine of Indigo plane carrying 233 passengers hits snow

at 3:09 pm
Srinagar airport

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar (NVI): Over 200 passengers on board an Indigo flight had a close shave after the plane’s engine hit accumulated snow at Srinagar International Airport today. The incident occurred at 12:30 PM.

Sources said that a Delhi-bound Indigo flight (6E-2559) got stuck after the right engine of the plane hit snow accumulated at the airport.

They said that the plane was carrying 233 passengers when the incident occurred.

All the passengers were evacuated from the plane and there was a delay in the take-off due to the incident, they said.

“It could have turned into a major tragedy. Thank God, we are alright,” said a passenger.

Despite repeated attempts, Airport Director didn’t respond to phone calls. However, an official said that the engine of the plane hit accumulated snow at the bay during ‘Taxi Out’ position for embarkation.

Pertinently, air service was in operation for a couple of days after the Valley received heavy snowfall last week. The run-way was cleared of snow after two days. Chunks of snow can still be seen at the airport.