Premature Melting of Amarnath Ji’s Sacred Ice Lingam
Climate change is apparently causing its adverse impact

at 4:03 pm

Srinagar,(NVI) Climate change is apparently causing its adverse impact on the sacred Ice Shiv lingam in the Holy Amarnath Cave of Lord Shiva in the mountains of South Kashmir.

According to some pilgrims who have returned after having darshan at the Holy Cave, the size of the Shiv lingam is reducing because the ice is melting.

The Shiv lingam gets formed every year due to the accumulation of ice made out of water trickling from the top of the Cave.

The primary cause of this early melting is attributed to the increasing temperatures in the Kashmir region. Over the last two weeks, the Kashmir Valley has recorded unusual heat.

For many Shiv devotees, the pilgrimage to Amarnath is incomplete without witnessing the sacred ice lingam in its full glory.

Before the start of this year’s Amarnath Yatra on June 29, the Shiv lingam had grown up to the impressive 12 feet but it got reduced in just 10 days, causing disappointment to the devotees.

The annual pilgrimage has already seen a significant turnout. Over 1.51 lakh devotees were able to have darshan of the ice lingam in the initial 10 days. However, with more than 40 days remaining, the unexpected melting of the ice formation has raised questions about how long the Shiv lingam will stand tall.