Terrorists continue to target apple trade in Kashmir
Terrorists killed two drivers of apple trucks and injured one in Shopian on October 24.

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Srinagar (NVI): Apple trade, a key element of livelihood for a majority of people in Kashmir, continues to be targeted by Pakistan-backed terrorists who shot dead two more truck drivers and injured another on October 24 in Shopian district of the Valley.

This was the fourth incident in over a month in which terrorists targeted people associated with apple trade.

In the latest incident, terrorists intercepted three trucks with registration number of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana in Chitragham area of Shopian and shot at the drivers.

They were there to ferry apples out of Kashmir, officials said.

One of the deceased was identified as Mohd Illiyas from Alwar in Rajasthan, while Jeevan, hailing from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur, was injured.

Earlier on 14 October, terrorists killed a truck driver from Rajasthan, identified as Sharif Khan, in the same district of Shopian. The terrorists also burnt down the vehicle and beat up the orchard owner.

On October 16, a fruit loader from Punjab was also shot dead.

Prior to that, terrorists attacked the family of a prominent apple grower of Sopore Haji Hamidullah Rather on September 8, injuring four of them, including his girl child.

Targeting by terrorists of people associated with apple trade, a major cash crop of Kashmir, has been witnessed particularly since the special status of the state granted under Article 370 was abolished in the first week of August.

The government’s idea behind removing the applicability of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir is to ensure that people from outside the state can buy property there and conduct business without any hindrance.