WATCH | Viral video shows animal species that have gone extinct in last 100 yrs

New Delhi (NVI): Climate change is having a devastating effect on nature, especially endangered species that are on the verge of extinction. As we talk about species endangered, several of them have already gone extinct in the last 100 years, and human activity is to be blamed for this.

Recent research has predicted that by 2100, the number of mammal species going extinct globally is likely to reach 558 if conservation efforts are not stepped up.

A video, showing animals that have gone extinct from the planet in the last 100 years, has gone viral on social media.

The animated video has been shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan who often shares wildlife related content on his Twitter handle to spread awareness about different animal and bird species.

The video also shows the names of animals or species gone extinct with the year of their extinction.

“Extinction is forever. These are animals which got extinct from planet in last 100 years. Imagine same will happen in our own lifetime,” Kaswan says in a tweet that he shared yesterday.

The 17 species listed in the video, along with their extinction years are:

Sicilian wolf- 1920s

Tasmanian Tiger – 1930s

Xerces blue 1940s

Japanese sea lion – 1950s

Crescent nail-tail wallaby 1950s

Babul hartebeest 1950s

St. Helena Darter 1960s

Kakawahie – 1960s

Guam flying fox – 1960s

Caspian tiger- 1970s

Siamese flat-barbelled catfish- 1970s

Yunnan lake newt- 1970s

Golden Toad-1980

Rotund Rocksnail-1990s

Pyrebean Ibex- 2000s

Pinta Giant Tortoise- 2010s

West African Black Rhinoceros- 2010s

For all the mammal species that have gone extinct so far, humans are almost entirely to be blamed, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances recently.

“On the basis of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)-based scenario, we predict 558 mammal species’ extinctions globally by the year 2100,” the study authors wrote.

“We are losing biodiversity every year, and with every extinct species and population, we lose unique evolutionary history,” they added.

The current diversity of mammals consists of approximately 5,700 extant species. At least 351 mammal species have gone extinct over the past 126,000 years.

Out of them, 80 are known from historical reports since the year 1500, while all others are only known from fossil or zooarcheological records, according to the study.