11 Pakistani soldiers killed, several injured in attack by Baloch Liberation Army

at 12:02 am
Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) fighters at some undisclosed location. File Pic.

Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) tonight said it killed 11 Pakistani soldiers and injured several others as it carried out a massive attack on a cluster of military posts and captured these for over 12 hours in Kalat district of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

The outfit said its fighters also seized a large cache of arms and ammunition from the Pakistani military before returning safely on conclusion of the operation.

The military posts targeted were earmarked for protection of gas fields of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), a government entity.

The BLA fighters launched the attack on the security outposts of the occupying Pakistani Army in Skulko area of ​​Kalat last night, the outfit’s spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.

He said the attack began at 10.30 PM (Pakistan time) yesterday and the BLA fighters “successfully captured” two security outposts, including the main camp of the enemy army.

The BLA fighters attacked the enemy army posts simultaneously from different sides with rockets and other heavy weapons, he said.

The Baloch fighters, including members of the elite units — Fateh Squad and Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) — advanced skillfully and succeeded in capturing the main camp of the enemy after a fierce battle, Jeeyand said.

As the BLA fighters advanced, “all the cowardly enemy personnel left their weapons and equipment and ran away,” the spokesman said.

The BLA’s Snipers team, while pursuing the fleeing personnel, killed at least 11 enemy personnel on the spot and several were injured, he said.

The BLA commanders laid siege of the enemy camp for 12 hours, Jeeyand Baloch said.

In the meantime, all the arms and ammunition of the enemy were captured by the fighters and a large part of the enemy camp was set on fire, he said.

Pakistani military sent armoured vehicles and helicopter gunships this morning but these were targeted and forced to retreat by the BLA fighters, the spokesman said.

Later, all the BLA fighters safely reached their hiding places, he said.

He said the military camp was established to enable looting of gas by Pakistan in Kalat.

Significantly, the Pakistani government and military remained silent on this attack.