Baloch Liberation Army carries out massive attack on Pakistani military camp

at 7:54 pm
Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOQ) of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA).
Quetta: Freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) have carried out a massive attack on the occupying Pakistani military guarding the State’s gas fields and caused heavy losses in terms of men and material to the enemy.
The freedom fighters captured a Pakistani military camp and its outposts after launching the attack in Iskalko area, on the outskirts of Kalat city late last night.
The military camp is tasked to ensure security of the gas fields of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).
The group of BLA fighters stormed the military installations after firing indiscriminatly and lobbing grenades, according to reports from the ground.
Pakistani military rushed reinforcements to the spot but they faced serious resistance and the gunfight continued through the night.
This morning, Pakistani military pressed into service helicopter gunships to deal with the adverse and serious situation but those were also targeted by the attackers.
The attackers, whose number is still not known, continue to be in control of the 3 military posts, including the main camp of the Pakistan army, in the area, according to the field reports.
Several Pakistani soldiers are believed to have been killed or injured in the attack, which also resulted in the destruction and seizure of mililtary assets.
The exact details will be known only when the operation ends.
About 18 hours after the launch of the attack, BLA issued a brief statement, owning responsibility for the attack.
‘Last night, freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army attacked and captured a Pakistani military camp and its outposts in Iskalko area of Kalat. A large cache of arms and ammunition was seized in the operation,” said the statement issued by BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch.
He said the BLA fighters also targeted advancing troops and gunship helicopters this morning.
A detailed statement will be issued later, he said, without giving any details about the casualties.
Baloch freedom fighters have been warning that they would not allow Pakistan to exploit the rich natural resources of Balochistan.  The attack seems to be putting that warning into action.