24/7 electricity in India can spur women employment by 31%

at 6:28 pm

New Delhi (NVI): A 24/7 access to electricity in India can promote its women’s employment by 31% while increasing the study time of its girls by 13.8%, according to a World Bank Climate report.

Resilient infrastructure is not about particular country it is about people living in it. Particularly in developing countries like India, infrastructure disruptions are an everyday concern that affects people’s well-being, economic prospects, and quality of life, report says.

Reliable access (24/7) to electricity has more favourable effect on girl’s study time and Women labour force participation than mere access (non 24/7) to electricity, the report says.

The reliable access to electricity in India can lead to rise in per capita income of women in India by 16.7% whereas it will be just 9.6% in case of non-reliable access to electricity.

Further, the Reliable access to power can lead to 31.2% rise in women labour force participation whereas an access to non-regular power will lead to a rise of just 11.7% in their participation.

A regular power access can increase the study time of Indian girls by 13.8% whereas it will be just 6.5% in case of irregular power supply, the study says.

This Estimation is based on household surveys in India.