Trial underway for using Cordyceps capsules in Covid-19 treatment

New Delhi (NVI): A translational trial is underway for using Cordyceps Capsules– prepared with Cordyceps herb having immunological and anti-viral properties — for potential treatment in COVID-19.

The development comes as efforts and trials are going on for preparing preventive and curative medicine for coronavirus.

The research team is led by experts from AIIMS Nagpur and AIIMS Bhopal.

Ambrosia Food Farm Co. Bhowali Nainital, Uttarakhand has initiated the landmark translational trial using Cordyceps capsules in COVID-19 patients. The first trial has already started and its result will be known by the end this month.

Addressing a press conference in New Delhi today, the Managing Director of the Ambrosia Food Farm Company, Gourvendra Gangwar said that the final result of the trial will be available by December. Cordyceps immunity booster capsules are food supplement capsules. Cordyceps herb has no side effects, according to a release issued here.

Services of farmers are being taken for growing medicinal mushroom and it has great potential for employment opportunities also, it said.

Gangwar said that the company is making all efforts and hopes to bring out the medicine for the cure of corona by December this year. “This will be our contribution towards ‘Corona Mukt Bharat’ and ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat’. The approval for the trial has already been obtained from the regulatory bodies,” he said.

Research and Development Co-ordinator of Ambrosia Food Farm Co., Vikas Vinod Tiwari said that initial investigations, which include computational analysis, were initiated by Dr. Om Silakari (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, Punjabi University, Patiala). These studies showed promising results and formed the foundation for this trial, which was structured by Dr Mohini Barde from Med Indite Communication Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with the multi-center research team across India.

The Ambrosia leadership led by Gorvendra Gangwar, Shailendra Singh and Vikas Vinod Tiwari, remain optimistic and committed to the potential positive effects of Cordyceps capsule in COVID-19 patients, the statement read. The clinical trial is an example of bridging scientifically traditional medicine with modern medicine as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it said.

The vibrant research team is led by Prof. Siddharth P. Dubhashi from AIIMS Nagpur, which includes Dr. Sagar Sinha, Dr. Jaishree Ghanekar, Dr. Sameer Kadam and Dr. Parineeta Samant from MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai along with Dr. Amit Agarwal from AIIMS Bhopal.

Maj Gen (Dr) Vibha Dutta, SM (Director and CEO, AIIMS Nagpur) and Prof Sarman Singh (Director and CEO, AIIMS Bhopal), both laboratory physicians, are working closely with Prof. Dr. Sankalp Dwivedi (Dean and Director SSIMS, Bhilai), who serves as the Chief Medical Advisor for the trial.

This trial will bring together clinical, basic sciences and traditional researchers on a single platform to combat COVID-19, the statement read, adding that this is a path defining moment for India, which scientifically relates traditional medicine with modern medicine.