BNM welcomes India’s statement, pleads it to highlight Balochistan atrocities

at 12:35 am

Quetta: Baloch National Movement (BNM) today welcomed the Indian government’s condemnation of Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan, saying it could be considered a “good start”.

The organization, which is fighting for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan, appealed to India to highlight the ongoing human tragedy in Balochistan at international fora and with important countries.

BNM issued a reaction a day after Spokesperson of India’s External Affairs Ministry Arindam Bagchi voiced concern over continued human rights violations by Pakistan in Balochistan and asked Islamabad to stop these forthwith.

“It could be considered a good start,” BNM’s Central Spokesperson said while welcoming the Indian statement.

“We hope that India would play its role in the ongoing human tragedy in Balochistan,” the BNM spokesperson said.

He noted that India is an important country of the region and the world as well as a neighbour of Balochistan.

“But India has always unheard and ignored the genocide, enforced disappearances, mutilated corpses, mass graves, military operations, massacres of women and children, arson, looting of property and war crimes of the Pakistani army and state in Balochistan,” the BNM spokesperson rued.

“The main reason for this apathy is probably India’s long-standing enmity with Pakistan so that India is not accused of igniting the issue of Balochistan because of its traditional enmity,” he said.

“When we speak of India or appeal to India to raise its voice, the main and important reason is the historical context of Balochistan and reminds India its duty as a neighbouring country which has nothing to do with the India-Pakistan ongoing enmity,” he said.

“We ope that India would play its due role in highlighting the issue of Balochistan and ongoing human tragedy with the major countries and at every international forums,” he added.