COVID: Kashmir authorities tracking foreign returnees

Srinagar (NVI): The administration in Kashmir, where the number of coronavirus cases increased to three today, has been making efforts to track down those who recently returned from abroad, particularly the disease-affected countries, and it has detected scores of those who had dodged medical screening at the incoming ports.

These people, including highly educated ones, had come from countries like UK, Thailand, UAE, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan.

“Team lead by colleague Mr Masarat Hashim KAS and involving brilliant professionals tracked more than 65 people who returned from affected countries skipping screening & changing routes. Amazing job. Srinagar thankful to all for inputs,” Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar Shahid Choudhary tweeted.

Earlier, yesterday, he said “Medical, IT & Surveillance teams today were able to track 29 people coming from Bangkok, UK, Dubai, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan etc who skipped medical teams by changing routes or avoiding travel history…”

The authorities also traced a Kashmiri man who came from Italy, landed in New Delhi, travelled to Jammu by train and took a cab from there to reach his home in Srinagar.

A Kashmiri, who came from Bangladesh but dodged medical screening in New Delhi, was also traced after he reached his home in Srinagar, thanks to the tip-off provided by his neighbours, officials said.

In a similar case, four Ph.D students, hailing from Kashmir, fled from a quarantine facility in AMU and returned home. The authorities have traced three of them but one is still missing.

While these people were traced, there might be many more undetected people, who could be posing a threat to the society at large.

In view of such cases, Choudhary tweeted, “Srinagar residents returning from other states are requested to report at airport for screening by medical teams. Road points as well. Control room may be contacted for any help.”