Effect of EMFs emitted by mobiles can be reduced using Envirochip: Study

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Effect of EMFs emitted by mobiles can be reduced using Envirochip: Study
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New Delhi (NVI): Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) emitted by mobile phones can be the reason for the changes in brain waves, but when an Envirochip is applied, reduction of EEG (electroencephalography) in brain activity is experienced, according to a recent study.

The purpose of the study, conducted by Syenergy Environics (known for developing solutions for reducing harmful effects of EMR on human body) along with AIIMS, was to investigate the effects of mobile phone radiation on brain activity.

In the study, participants were exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones, to measure changes in the frequencies of the brain wave pattern by using Envirochip.

Envirochip is a passive device that generates random waves at higher frequencies, which carry constant microwaves emitted from mobile phones, computers and other Wi-Fi devices in a random form to make them compatible with the body’s waveforms, which is no longer harmful for the human body.

Changes in the frequencies of these EEGs can be interpreted as scientific evidence of an indication of the impact of the exposure to EMFs used in mobile communication on brain activity.

The EEG waves, in particular the theta, alpha, beta and gamma bands, can give insights into psychophysiological states such as alertness, awareness, and affection.

During the study, it was hypothesized that the alpha and theta band activity would increase during mobile phone exposure.

Further, it was estimated that application of Envirochip would alter the effect of EMFs emitted by mobile phone radiation on EEG. The increase in brain activity in alpha and theta bands indicates enhanced excitability of brain during EMF exposure from mobile phone.

The subjects in the study received sequence of different exposure while same mobile phone were used to notice difference in the results.

This study explains an effect of EMF exposure by mobile phone on brain waves when Envirochip is not placed and there was increase in EEG theta, alpha, beta, and gamma activity.

The results demonstrate that EMF emitted by mobile phone can be the reason for the changes in brain waves. When Envirochip was applied a reduction of increase in EEG brain activity was seen as compared to effects in no chip condition.

Application of the chip indicates that it can reduce the increase in EEG in brain waves excitability mainly in alpha and theta bands induced by EMF exposure by mobile phone.

The study findings are considerably important for today’s working environment as mobile phone is essential part of work. Repeated exposure to cell phones’ electromagnetic radiations (EMR) act as a repetitive stress.