Kounsar Jan becomes Srinagar’s first female e-rickshaw driver
Rewriting norms and breaking stereotypes

at 9:34 pm

NVI Correspondent Nasir Khan

Srinagar, July 11 (NVI) : In the heart of Srinagar, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant culture, Kounsar Jan from Chattabal is rewriting norms and breaking stereotypes as the city’s first female e-rickshaw driver.

As per News Vibes of India—(NVI) Kousar Jan has become Srinagar’s first female             e-rickshaw driver, marking a significant milestone for women in the region.

Her achievement is a part of a broader initiative to introduce eco-friendly transportation in Srinagar.

This initiative aims to reduce pollution and provide a cost-effective mode of transport for residents and tourists alike.

The e-rickshaws run on chargeable lithium batteries and are a sustainable alternative to traditional rickshaws and auto-rickshaws that run on fossil fuels .

Kounsar Jan’s entry into this field not only highlights the growing acceptance of women in non-traditional roles but also underscores the potential for economic empowerment and environmental sustainability through such initiatives.

Kounsar said that she has faced challenges along her path, including social expectations and occasional prejudice, her resilience remains steadfast.

“I want to inspire other women to break barriers and pursue their dreams,” she asserted passionately,” she said.

Her story resonates as a beacon of hope for women across Kashmir, demonstrating that with determination and support, anything is possible.

She said that she used to drive auto while taking her family or relatives and neighbours where they had to go but now I have come on road.

She said that many women have taken her number who call her to take them to their destinations.

“I want to show the world that women can excel in any field, If they will be supported by family especially husband,” she said.   (News Vibes of India)