Protests held in PoJK against Pakistan’s bogus ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’

at 11:13 pm
Kashmir Solidarity Day

New Delhi (NVI): Hundreds of people today took to streets in Dadyal in Mirpur district of Pakistan Occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK), to protest against bogus and fraudulent celebration of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ by Pakistan, while demanding the release of activist Tanveer Ahmed.

The protests were led by National Equality Party Jammu Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh (NEP JKGBL) where people chanted slogans against Pakistani flag and illegal occupation of Pakistani forces in PoJK.

Human rights groups in Pakistan and abroad have launched a campaign in the favour of Tanveer Ahmed, an activist and journalist, who was arrested last year by local police and Pakistani intelligence agencies. As per reports, Tanveer was tortured and arrested after his hunger strike and soon after he removed the Pakistani flag from Dadyal in PoK on August 14.

During the protests today, which were primarily focused on exposing the false celebrations of Kashmir Solidarity Day by the Pakistani government, NEP JKGBL workers averted a big clash with religious extremists in the area as the party workers wisely managed to counter the Pak agencies’ plan.

“We condemn Pakistani agencies involvement to disrupt the people’s protest against Pakistan,” Professor Sajjad Raja, Chairman, NEP JKGBL said in a tweet.

“5 Feb – Dadyal. Pakistani agencies hatched a plan of public collision and religious disharmony. The conspiracy was tackled wisely by the NEP JKGBL workers and leaders. Agencies infiltrated children with religious flags in the people’s rally to trap party workers in blasphemy case,” Prof Sajjad said in another tweet.

NEP JKGBL Secretary General, Adeel Magray also warned the local administration to “stop playing with the fire”, Prof Sajjad tweeted. “The agencies staged a religious event just next to the public rally, religious extremists even tried to enter the Square but were pushed back by party workers,” he said.

It was announced by NEP JKGBL party that no flag will be used in anti solidarity day rally in Dadyal today. However, in a shameful and brazen act, Pakistani agencies infiltrated some children with Pakistani flags in the rally to trap the protesters in blasphemy and sedition case.

Prof Sajjad also shared a short clip of a child carrying a religious flag and seen wandering in the rally within the Square where protests took place. “This collision plan was failed. We condemn such ignorance,” he said.

Pakistan observes the day every year, which it says is to renew its pledge of continuing support to the Kashmiris fighting for their right to so-called self-determination. Ironically, it continues to occupy PoJK, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan where people have been protesting against atrocities and illegal occupation of Pakistani forces.