Representing Indian beauty on global platforms my biggest achievement: Preeti Upreti

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Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance, Singapore 2017 Preeti Upreti

New Delhi (NVI): Feat of representing Indian beauty as a married woman on global platforms and making my country proud has been a dream come true for me, said Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance, Singapore 2017 Preeti Upreti in interview with Dwijendra Kumar, fashion journalist.

1. Tell Us About Yourself? How Did You Make A Foray Into Modelling ?

Proud mother of 10-year-old boy, Working Professional, Fashion Model, Dancer and Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Vlogger, I have always dreamt to be an inspired woman and a role model for others.

Mentioned Below Are My Achievements In 2017:

· Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance 2017

· Mrs Facebook Popularity 2017

· Mrs HFS Athena 2017

· Mrs Lumina Global 2017

Representing my country India and its Beauty Internationally and making HER proud was like a dream come true for me.

I have always had a keen interest in fashion, art & beauty too. I love to style, create new looks using my creativity so I started modelling in 2017. To model is to innovate, modelling is an art you need to groom yourself with confidence, patience, perseverance, physique etc. From outside, It looks full of glamour and beauty but there is a lot of hard work, dedication, determination, discipline & long hours of work behind it which do not get noticed by others.

2. How Did You Prepare Yourself For The Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant?

First of all, I always had a strong belief in my abilities like personality,positivity, talent and confidence which really helped me during the pageant.Since the day I got selected in Auditions for Mrs Singapore QOS 2017, I started motivating myself and made a list of all of my good qualities, and also of those I needed to work on.

Things I really worked on are: Balance in high heels, Practice talking louder when introducing myself, Eye contact with judges, Fitness and Diet. I used to pat myself for the things which I am already good at and motivate for the things which I needed to work on.

I believe that “You are the only person responsible for your success in life, no one can make things happen for you if you don’t have the courage to pursue your dreams!”

Always Believe in your capabilities, motivate yourself, read inspirational quotes and listen to motivational talks, be positive, work hard & focus on your goals.Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. That’s my Mantra of life.

3. Can Married Women Make A Career In Modelling Field?

Yes,why not! there are many successful models who are married such as Laxmi Rana, Noyonika Chatterjee, Malaika Arora Khan, Mehr Jesia and Madhu Sapre.

I believe that a woman’s life does not end after marriage. She can also pursue her dreams — anytime, anywhere. One needs to have passion, hard work and goal in life. Being a married woman, representing Indian beauty on global platforms and making my country proud was like a dream come true for me.

4. What Would You Like To Say About Indian Women?

It is a fact that women are sincere, honest, and hard-working lot. Indian women have taken strong strides in all areas like politics, science, medical and engineering fields, teaching, modelling, business, air traffic etc. Indian women today enjoy more liberty and equality than before. They equally contribute towards the growth of their family and the country.

5. Is Modelling A Safe Career For Women?

Every Profession has its pros and cons. Modelling is a very competitive career. You must have the stamina , patience and perseverance to withstand hectic schedules. I think not only in modelling but in any profession, women have not to trust people easily, work professionally and in safe environment. Do not pressurise yourself where ever you are not comfortable . Work only for well known and good brands on which you can rely on and Yeah people make their career choices based on their Interest, Passion and Purpose in life. If you are passionate about modelling as a career then go for it. It is really a good career option for people who are passionate about this profession.

Many don’t have positive attitude toward modelling and models but here I would like to say that modeling is like any other profession demanding a lot of hard work, dedication, discipline and long working hours are involved. Models not only promote, advertise a variety of products, including clothing, cosmetics, food, and appliances, they are also the face of the brands and help fashion designer achieve the best fit for new styles. It is not an easy profession. As a model you need to have all these skills to be a successful model.


6. What Are The Attributes Required To Be A Successful Model

Good Physique, Professional values, Patience, ,Facing competitions boldly, Hard work and dedication, Good Face value, Photogenic face, Expressions, Physical and mental stress management and Excellent acting skills.